Ed Naile: Formal Submission to Trump Election Commission

CNHT has been diligently documenting voter fraud since 2000. Here is Part One of our submission to the Trump Election Integrity Commission for today’s deadline.

You will see it covers the statutes involved in the recent discovery of 5,300 noncitizen voters. | Read or download PDF of the Report Here

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3 Responses to Ed Naile: Formal Submission to Trump Election Commission

  1. Don Diamant says:

    Sadly as seen from SoS Gardner’s statements today, he may admit that voter fraud exists but he is more than willing to pretend it’s scale is insignificant in the face of over whelming evidence to the contrary.

  2. 39 of the pages in this report are filler copied from the online version NH’s RSA’s (Revised Statutes Annotated) and other readily available material. 2 pages are basically just URLs pointing to Project Veritas videos. That leaves 2 pages of actual original information. And even those 2 pages were useless.

  3. Elcabra says:

    Not entirely. We know you can count.

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