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The University of Chicago Chooses to Lead on Campus Free Speech

This might surprise you, but the University of Chicago is leading the way in defense of free speech on campus. In a letter to incoming freshman, Dean of Students Dr. John (Jay) Ellison reminded them that, “At the University of Chicago, … Continue reading

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Actually, Mary, it DOES fit the narrative and here’s why

We got a comment from Mary Anderson on Steve’s post “Is it Time to Change Everything Named after Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd?” Why not tell the whole story of Robert Byrd or doesn’t it fit in with the premise of your story? … Continue reading

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Stupid Time to be Alive Reminder 2,458,634

Holy cow. I was perusing my Twitter feed when I found the image below along with a lefty saying “This is so important and spot on…”. So I started looking at it and… We’re doomed. What the heck does some … Continue reading

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New Media Militia Top 5 for the Week ending 8/20/17

What were readers viewing and clicking this past week? Here’s your answer. 5. Man Found Dead Aboard Fishing Boat Docked in New Hampshire 4. Go Topless Day returning to Hampton Beach 3. Why was there recruitment for paid protesters in Charlottesville? 2. The Flat Earth Society … Continue reading

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Reminder: I’ll Be on Girard at Large Today at 8:40

Just a reminder that I will be on the air this morning at 8:20 am on the Girard at Large Radio Program. Chief Willard is guest hosting, and I’m planning to talk about free speech, though I suspect that by … Continue reading

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