Help Fill The Write Wing Void in New Hampshire

The void of right wing writers with time or energy to convey the conservative/libertarian line on issues, local and national, from within New Hampshire, appears vast.

This is not a new problem, but it is a troubling one. There is little to no internet cover for local, state, and national officials when they do right or an adequate defense of issues when the left goes after them.

All while left in New Hampshire has no shortage of content (all year round, not just during elections). This needs to change.

But first the truth.

There is no shortage of people on the cultural and economic right with the knowledge, interest or time. A trip to Facebook reveals tons of suitable content and commentary and hours of time and effort spent finding, sharing, liking, creating, and responding to relevant events and topics. Local, state level, and national.

Much of it, we might surmise, occurs during down time via smartphone. Not exactly the best platform for blogging. Point taken. But not all of it. And you can share a link and add a comment (or a diatribe) via the email feature to a blog, from your smartphone.

All that good stuff could be ranking in search and be auto posted to your social media accounts.

It comes down to this. We need writers on the right creating content, anonymously or as themselves, once a week, a few times a week, even daily.  Whatever it takes in the time you have to share the conservative libertarian view of local NH politics and politicians, statewide, national or international issues or events.

A basic WordPress set up is free. You can post via email and have your site auto-post to your social media.

If you can part with a few bucks a month you can own a real domain name for that site (no For a little more you can upgrade to a premium theme, monetize, customize. And there is tons of support to help you learn just how easy it is.

(That’s how I started. It led to co-hosting political radio programs, writing for state-wide and national sites, and real money every now and again.)

And…The New Media Militia can help and will share relevant cultural and political musing on these pages and through social media.

The New Hampshire Advantage needs you. Think about adding your voice. Join the New Media Militia.

About Steve Mac Donald

Husband, Dad, Dog Lover, Blogger, (sometimes) Radio Co-Host, Free Speech Facilitator, Climate Denier, Gun Owner, info-junkie, ...
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