Case of mumps confirmed at Dartmouth College

HANOVER, N.H. (AP) — University officials say a Dartmouth College student has been diagnosed with mumps.

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services confirmed the case Monday. School officials say the student is being treated and has been isolated on campus. | More…


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3 Responses to Case of mumps confirmed at Dartmouth College

  1. Laura Condon says:

    We are seeing cases of mumps in young adults all across the nation. These are FULLY VACCINATED young adults. Vaccines do NOT provide immunity. At best (if they don’t sicken, disable, or kill you) they may provide a limited antibody response…this is NOT immunity…it is only an antibody response. The vaccines do not and cannot prevent mumps infection. It may suppress your immune response so that you have less or no symptoms…but you are still infected and can still spread mumps to others. When the antibody response wears off and the individual has not developed natural immunity, disease symptoms will occur. So we have disease shift from 8 year olds where this illness is a simple nuisance to young adults where the risks and daily disruptions are greater. Is this disease shift what you bargained for when you had your baby injected…twice? For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2017 NH DHHS will report $26.6 million dollars in purchase of child vaccines. The State is now the exclusive purchaser and distributor of child vaccines. Isn’t it time we reviewed this purchase program? Isn’t it time we made the mumps vaccine consumer choice?

  2. Elcabra says:

    Have there been increased cases of this (not just mumps) with the rapid increase in refugees from countries with prevalent diseases that until recently were no longer seen in the US?

  3. Laura Condon says:

    Elcabra, I don’t see that refugees are part of this particular issue. Most refugees have some from impoverished countries where their children have already developed robust, natural, permanent immunity to these diseases. Mumps has never really disappeared in this country and these cases are determined to be occurring in fully vaccinated young adults…that’s the problem. Vaccines do not prevent disease, may reduce symptoms and prevent real immunity so that we see disease shift to young adults. This is not good. I think it is time that at least this vaccine be re-evaluated.

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