Email List Subscribers and Others: Getting Updates from The New Media Militia

One of the fun things to watch is the number of email list subscribers as it surges up and down. New Media Militia posts new content every hour between approximately 5 am ET to 9 PM ET. That puts a many as 16 updates into an inbox every day.

People sign up then decide they don’t want that many updates in their email.  I get it. So, for those folks, and others looking for a different way to see the content provided here daily, we have options.

There are several ways, including email, to receive updates.

  1. Like and Follow us on Facebook
  2. Connect on Twitter @NewMediaMilitia or my personal feed @nhstevemacd
  3. Connect to the RSS feed.
  4. Visit the site throughout the day to scroll through new content.
  5. You can sign up for email updates (anyway). Look to the top right of any page, enter your email address, and click ‘Get Daily Updates.’*

* If you choose email updates and would prefer a daily digest (all of the past day’s links in one email) here are the instructions to do that.

If you follow on twitter or facebook and you have set those services up to provide email updates…you’ll still get updates in your inbox every hour or alerts on your mobile device.

However you want to connect to New Media Militia, I appreciate the time and attention.

Also, remember to send links to your favorite local new media sites for consideration. If you are a content creator please email me at so I can add you to my list of sites to review for content.

I get a lot of emails so be both patient and persistent.


About Steve Mac Donald

Husband, Dad, Dog Lover, Blogger, (sometimes) Radio Co-Host, Free Speech Facilitator, Climate Denier, Gun Owner, info-junkie, ...
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