Henniker Planning Board STACKING the Deck

On 4/26/17, there were only 2 very qualified people that had submitted applications for 2 alternate positions to the PB – Dr. Bruce Trivellini and Matthew Grimes. This matter was tabled, and fast forward to tonight’s meeting. Now there are 3, and it seems to have taken 2 canceled meetings – 5/10 and 5/24 -to find another candidate to this board’s liking.

Henniker – you ELECTED a Planning Board and should be greatly concerned that this board can’t even figure out the process for filling alternate positions without interference from a part-time planning consultant. Know this Henniker – the PB is NOT holding up their oath to office and running the show for ANYTHING on the agenda!!! We have an unelected, and in my mind unqualified, planning consultant running our boards. Is THAT what the citizens of Henniker want?

Chair Dean Tirrell:
“Alternate Member appointment requests. There are 2. What are we going to do with it?” SILENCE.
“Mark, what should we do with it? This is a new procedure.”

Mr. Tirrell, you lied. There is NO NEW procedure to vote on applicants to alternate positions. You have many times in your years on the PB voted in alternates. How about Aaron Wechsler – did you ask Mark’s permission to appoint Aaron? Let me answer for you – NO.

So, this matter was tabled and why? To me it was clear that night, and that the PB was going to actively pursue other candidates. It took 2 more canceled meetings to find that person. If my information is accurate, let me introduce you: Tara Kessler is a Planner for the City of Keene. Just what we need – NOT.

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