What’s All This Then?

Tom has done Yeoman’s work in bringing us examples of the left wing hypocrisy known as ‘real’ hate speech.  But it’s hard to beat the work done by Michelle Malkin, who has what may be one of the most comprehensive examples (and it is somehow still incomplete) of what motivates the progressives.

As you scroll down through the pictures, video, text, and comments made by liberals, democrats, and the like, remember that this is who they are.  And every ounce of effort they put towards smearing their opponents is simply their inability to grasp the idea that we would act any differently than they would.

They can no more understand our desire for real liberty than they can our compassion or the absence of hate inside us.  They simply have no point of reference.

And for those democrats and progressives who may rightly claim that they are not like the lot you are about to see, I say this.  As long as you refuse to speak out against it you are enabling it.  As long as you accept that it may be a price worth paying for a political victory you are no different than they are.

And for the record, in the absence of violence the issue here is not just the hate, it is the hypocrisy.  The hypocrisy of you, your party, and your enablers in the media.  You are so screwed up you can’t even tell yourselves the truth about what your party has become.  What it is.  What it runs on.

It runs on hate.  And some of you just can’t stand the fact that we don’t need to.

Michelle Malkin- “The progressive Climate of Hate.”

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