Mike Farley Uses “The Template”

I never heard the name Mike Farley until I looked at the Union Leader this morning to find him the focus of a front page article.  Mr. Farley is a former New Hampshire House Rep (D-Manchester) who has grave concerns.  This concern centers on the traditional trips taken by fourth graders to the state House. He is concerned about whether parents need to know about the lifted gun ban.

“I believe the new policy allowing loaded weapons anywhere in the State House creates an increase in the threat of harm to our fourth-graders that is statistically measurable,”… “My opinion is that these field trips should be banned outright until the safety of our children can be assured or at least returned to the level it was when weapons were banned.”

So I suppose Mr. Farley will be asking the city to ban trips to the grocery store, the Home improvement center, walks to and through the park, and no more touristy visits in any open spaces.  Or perhaps he’ll just have them sign a permission slip first with the appropriate warning.

“People in New Hampshire have the right to carry concealed weapons.  You will never know who they are, if they are armed, or where you may encounter them.  Stay Inside!  The Government Will Protect You!

While we are at it perhaps Mr. Farley would like to remind parents that the statistical odds of them or their children dying in the car on the way to school, or even on the way to the State House, are astronomically higher than them being shot by a criminal concealing a handgun, let alone a law abiding gun owner who happens to be at the business of making law, in the company of those observing the proceedings.  Better yet-tell them that the number one cause of death among teenagers is in automobile accidents.  (Maybe we should just take all the car keys.)

Everyone must walk!  So Says Mike Farley, New Hampshire’s Fear Monger Czar.  And watch that slippery tile in the bathroom.  Before you shower…sign this permission slip please.

He would be negligent if his concern were legitimate, to exclude these considerations.

So is Mike ‘concerned?’ Or is Mr. Farley either the biggest wuss in Manchester (and given the democrat company he likely keeps that is saying something) or is he employing the template of fear, using children as bait, to scare parents into doing his bidding–the work of making guns the thing we should fear, even in the hands of trained law abiding persons?

I do not know the man, as I said I had never heard of him before this morning, so I can’t say which it is, but I’ll go with the latter for now which makes him a despicable person, playing politics with children.

He might have been better off with ‘wuss.’


Source: Beth LaMontagne Hall, Union Leader (Print and Digital editions)

Image credit: Arthurshall.com

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