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Donna Green: A Timberlane Blast From the Past

In reviewing old school board meeting clips, I came across this gem that so captures the attitude of the SAU to accountability, transparency, and their proper place in the pecking order. |Keep Reading at timberlaneandasandown

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Tessier’s confidentiality breach goes beyond school board and district personnel

The leak of confidential personnel information by at-Large Manchester Board of School Committeewoman Nancy Tessier has gone beyond the school board and the personnel members she copied in her email regarding the content of a non-public meeting on September 11, 2017.  The breach has … Continue reading

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David Scannell Doubles Down on Deliberate Deceptions

A week ago, we exposed the multiple and deliberate “straw man issues” Ward 2 school board candidate David Scannel had purposefully perpetuated in his assault on incumbent Debra Gagnon Langton.   Rather than reply, Scannel has doubled down on his devious misrepresentations to continue casting himself … Continue reading

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Timberlane Regional School Board Neuters Itself and Sells Out Voters

The school board’s primary function is setting policy.  I’m sorry to report that the Timberlane Regional School Board is poised to pass a policy so deeply and profoundly flawed that it betrays every voter and parent in the district.  Please … Continue reading

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Manchester: David Scannell and the Land of Make Believe

The race for school board in Ward 2 is the kind of contest that makes most political observers cringe and giggle.  It features venerable incumbent Debra Gagnon Langton and her opponent David Scannell, a self-aggrandizing leftist ideologue willing to say anything to make … Continue reading

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Rich Girard: Breaking the rules, and getting away with it

On Monday, September 25th, the Manchester Board of School Committee did two things that actually made my jaw drop. As you may know, at-Large board member Nancy Tessier violated policies of the school board, provisions of the city charter and … Continue reading

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A Contentious Manchester Board of School Committee Meeting

If anyone doubts that fact is stranger than fiction, let’s take a look at last night’s meetings of the Manchester Board of School Committee. It’s first meeting at five o’clock got off to a contentious start.  At-Large Committee Member Rich Girard challenged the … Continue reading

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Conway School board to return $2 million to Taxpayers

CONWAY — Conway School Board members shared some good news earlier this month — they’ll be returning nearly $2 million to the town to help offset taxes. At a recent meeting, the board revealed it has more than $1.7 million … Continue reading

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What’s going on with the Northwood New Hampshire School Board?

As a concerned taxpayer and 16 year resident of Northwood, the bus crisis has been a topic of concern.  Searching for more information, I submitted an RTN request. The SAU office and the documents I received were astonishing.  The Northwood bus crisis … Continue reading

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Manchester School District identifies board members who take taxpayer provided health and dental benefits

In response to a Right to Know request filed by former Hooksett School Board Member John Lyscars, the Manchester School District has released the names of those board members who take taxpayer-provided health and or dental insurance benefits and identified the associated premium costs to the district.  Lyscars said … Continue reading

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