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Howard Dean Says He Would Not Support Democratic Committee if It Backs Pro-Life Candidates in 2018

Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean wrote on Twitter Monday that he would not support the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee if it funds candidates who oppose abortion rights. | More… | ijr.com

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What I Mean By Pro-Life

To me being pro-life means respecting the right to life for all human beings. It isn’t being against abortion. Although, I oppose imposed death in all forms, from abortion to euthanasia and so-called assisted suicide. Rather being pro-life is about … Continue reading

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Netherlands Considers Euthanasia For Healthy People

Politicians in the Netherlands are discussing the possibility of legalizing euthanasia for healthy people. The proposed “Completed Life Bill” would allow any person age 75 or over who decides their life is “complete” to receive euthanasia. It doesn’t matter if … Continue reading

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The Truth About When Life Begins

Some Democrats could care less about when an abortion happens. They’re convinced that it is not “alive” nor is it “a life” until it registers and votes Democrat. Then there are the Americans who avoid the subject, approach it unwillingly, or … Continue reading

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Our goal…is to discern and map out a plan to grow a culture of Life

The next 40 Days for Life campaign will begin on September 27, and applications are being accepted through June 23 from potential campaign leaders. Coincidentally, here in New Hampshire, the leader of the most recent 40DFL campaign in Concord is … Continue reading

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We are All A Mess

A big hot mess is no way to describe a person, but it has been pretty common in some survivor circles. It seems to me that every single person alive has been a big hot mess at one time or … Continue reading

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Bill Nye is Part of the Great Divide

We are talking about millions of children influenced by this man. Of those millions of people, many are in positions of power themselves. He has a huge platform. He built it. He uses it. The thing that scares me is … Continue reading

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Why Life is at the Forefront for the Federalist Party

The Declaration of Independence conspicuously listed life as an unalienable right. It’s impossible to know for certain how the founders would weigh in on the modern abortion debate, but the Federalist Party holds to the idea that protecting life at … Continue reading

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Ban Abortion, Except…

I hated pregnancy. I was miserable every time. I vomited throughout all nine months, had headaches, gained an obscene amount of weight, had no energy and cried frequently. Once my babies were born, it was like a switch had been … Continue reading

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