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The Real Myth About Voter Fraud in New Hampshire is the Myth That Voter Fraud is a Myth

Hillary beat President Trump by 2,736 votes, while Maggie got only 1,017 more votes than Ayotte.  The question, needless to say, is how many of these votes were fraudulent. We can answer this question because we have a good handle … Continue reading

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Hillary Can’t Remember a Damn Thing Under Oath, But…

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How Clinton’s 2016 Victory Fund Funneled Money Through DNC Back to Her Campaign

| More at the Washington Free Beacon

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VIDEO: Vermin Supreme’s Pony Protest Outside Hillary’s Book Signing in Concord

After filing a federal lawsuit against the city of Concord, NH for trying to oppress his free speech rights, the city agreed to a settlement and Vermin Supreme’s pony protest was a success! | More at Free Keene

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Hillary Lied: Campaign Never Bought Offsets for Private Jet Use.

“The Clinton 2016 campaign did not purchase offsets from us,” Native Energy spokesman Tom Stoddard told TheDCNF. The Clinton campaign, however, did manage to spend more than $900,000 with the private jet chartering company Executive Fliteways in 2015. About $560,000 … Continue reading

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Postal Service broke law in pushing time off for workers to campaign for Clinton

The U.S. Postal Service engaged in widespread violations of federal law by pressuring managers to approve letter carriers’ taking time off last fall to campaign for Hillary Clinton and other union-backed Democrats, investigators said Wednesday. High-level postal officials had for … Continue reading

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Democrat:‘If We Hadn’t Been Caught Lying, We’d Be Running the Country Right Now’

“I’ve been a Democrat all my life, I think the Democrats, not only are they out of touch, they have no interest in correcting the situation. They’re not doing any postmortems. They’re writing off ‘well, we don’t own the White … Continue reading

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