NH LSRs rated by sponsor ratings – Part 3

Batter up!  More LSRs / House Bills.  As before, I’m bolding the ones that I’ll be looking at.  As before, if you, dear readers and commenters, have a bit of time and interest, pick one or two (or more, there’s PLENTY to share!), write a paragraph on why you think it is anti-Freedom and pro-Statism (e.g., politicians get to make the decisions instead of letting us Individuals make that decision for ourselves).  I’ll use your name or post it up anonymously based on what you’d prefer. | Keep Reading at GraniteGrok.com

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1 Response to NH LSRs rated by sponsor ratings – Part 3

  1. Garett P Mapes says:

    Let’s face it, good old politicians are bought and paid for by the interest groups who only care about the money that can be generated rather the actual long term outlook and effects. Prime example Obama Care, long term outlook, not good, healthcare will drop off the grid and only those who can afford it, will get it.
    Those we elect can’t actually be trusted because there is a lot going on behind the curtain behind them.
    Not enough people are speaking up, people better start checking themselves and stand up for their rights, because as I see it, they are all getting pulled right before our eyes.

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