Social Justice Activists Treat Each Other Like Crap

Some SJW’s express discomfort at being pigeonholed by the social justice activist community into the sub-species of social justice pigeon hole into which they allowed themselves (if we’re honest) to be stuffed.

Put another way, people who thought that “coming out” as this or that class of victim would make them a unique part of a larger community are finding that not to be the case.

One transgender activist, Bri, said that she felt tokenized by her peers, discouraged that she’s only called upon to speak when people “need a trans person’s voice for whatever.”

Instead of inclusive excellence, you get excluded indifference until they need a few words from the nearest fat-trans (or is that trans-fat) communitarian. Not that you could ever possibly speak for all dietetically disabled gender dysphorics. That’s absurd. Nor can you possibly speak for large men who became large “women” just to “use” the changing room at Target. |More…

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