Shea-Porter To Face Democrat Primary

The Concord Monitor is reporting that Portsmouth businesswoman Joanne Dowdell intends to challenge former Congresspersonista Carol SEIU-Porter for a shot at Frank Guinta in 2012.

She characterized her political outlook as similar to that of Shea-Porter, saying it would be up to voters to discern the differences.

“I think you would find that ideologically we’re both progressive Democrats,” she said. “This is democracy, from my point of view. This is the process in action, and that will be for voters to decide.”

CSP 2.0.1?

And she says some very amusing things like..

“Washington politicians have been making life harder for families here in New Hampshire and throughout the country,”

We noticed that and responded in November 2010, but being a Democrat Committeewoman at large, and as a major Obama-Zombie, does CSP 2.0.1 want us to believe she had no idea that her party did that on purpose?

Dowdell said she was not ready to commit to specific policy positions but intends to speak extensively with residents of the district to learn about their concerns.

“I’ll know better when I get out and talk to them and listen to what they have to say,” she said.

Maybe we’ll get the “I am a blank canvass” shtick?  I am, what people make me out to be.  Sure, but all the roads lead to top-down, state-controlled, central planning.

For those unfamiliar, the left-wing salad-bar-policy-buffet is a progressive core-value; until she’s told what talking points to use to advance the current set of feelings about the next best path to socialism, by someone above her pay grade, she won’t have the slightest idea what to tell you she believes.  But we already know.  She says she is just like Carol.  That makes her a Marxist pawn of the party leadership.

So the next question is, is this a real challenge or is there some other game afoot?  Is Dowdell meant to play extremist so CSP looks dull and moderate by comparison?  Or can we expect some kind of massive, left wing cat-fight? And what will all of Carol’s doting fans do? (They love her so.)

I can’t wait to watch and find out.

CSP 2.01’s (Dowdell’s campaign donor records

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3 Responses to Shea-Porter To Face Democrat Primary

  1. To Slander a Judge
    My letters on the web are in the tens of thousands being referred to by corporations, medical, people in need and all: except the news media. The NH Insider has discussion on my letters and personality. People want to refer to me as a danger but as some one point out the Constitution obligates us to abolish any government official that diminishes our Constitution in any way. I volunteer at a deficit to my family for the one thing in his world that matters more than any thing else. The freedom and continued existence of the United States of America.
    My medical care for combat related disabilities was stopped and the public does not care. The VA taunts me as they restarted my medical care to fluff my medical records in the case of an investigation. Pubic officials, and a few others harm my character by claiming to the public through the news media that I am mentally unstable but my response is censored. What danger from me exists that from the start of my writing letters not once have I violated the law or threatened harm to anyone other than what the highest law in the US obligates me to be? WE must expose and stop judges that violate the law for the personal gain of that special class of society. There are so many letters by me of Judge Peter Favuer criminally violating the Constitution it proves what I am saying is the truth. The NH Supreme Court refused to hear the case meaning the court committed the act of Discrimination to protect one it. No one has to like what I say but the truth is so powerful that even the NH SC does not want it believed by the public. A civilized society that says talk is the best way to avoid violence commits acts in defiance of our Constitution to keep the public ignorant of the crimes. I do not give up because so many people over the history of the USA gave their lives for the very rights that are being dismissed here. Stopping my medical care was the least of the crimes committed to stop my words by these trusted government officials.
    The NH Governor Lynch charged me money to speak with him on the subject of government wrongs. He took my money (and I still have the receipt) but refuses to speak with me. The governor defies our Constitution by making me pay and the news media does not believe this is pubic information. I live to this day with four disabilities some combat related defending the USA against such wrongs. It just does not seem worth trying to get out of this place any more.
    The NH Insider, Blue NH, Veterans Today and the tens of thousands of other news media and public using my letters but not hearing my words shame on you. We to this day as children go off to protect and defend this nation from just what is happening meaning it was in VAIN. The public lets a government department meaning he Veterans Administration use the word safety to justify harming not this US Marine but many US Military veterans in need be swept under the rug.
    My letters alone demonstrate the true intent of the VA as a government weapon to isolate and diminish those unlucky enough to come home alive. The only danger that exists from this US Marine is exposing the wrongs in government. I make nothing from helping others for volunteering is the right of anyone individual to make the USA better for others.
    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
    465 Packers falls rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217

  2. …and the moderator totally failed to point out that Greenwald did not, in fact, support Iran getting nuclear weapons as his rhetorical opponent stated as if it were matter of fact.Nice to know you and that moderator have the same conspicuous strain of hearing problems.

  3. No wrong decisions in much of parenting. Only going with our gut, case by case, when want and need (and many other factors) collide.Enjoy your weekend with your girls!

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