Trump – NH

From, courtesy of “Columbus,” a front row seat to Donald Trump’s speech yesterday in New Hampshire.  Thanks to Grokster Mike who posted it and of course to Columbus for the front row seat.

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2 Responses to Trump – NH

  1. GadsdenGurl says:

    This birther thing is a ruse to clear Obama for the presidency and discredit republicans. Trump will divide and conquer and ensure Obama a second term.

  2. GadsdenGurl says:

    Check the people section of the NH Tea Party Coalition website for a refresher course on Trump — he’s for universal health care and was bailed out by Soros on his last bankruptcy.

    (The comment would not post because it had a link in it)

    Further, he just gave Rahm Emanuel $50K — not but 3 months ago!!!

    Please! I want to see the long form certificate of registration as a REPUBLICAN!

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