Save the Middle class with sunshine and hot air.

The latest radio ad to hit New Hampshire is pushing the Renewable Energy and Job creation act. (HR 6049) The bill was sponsored by Charles Rangel (D-NY).  **Warning** , **Warning** but failed to get through the Senate.

>The premise of the ad is that our Senators are giving money to big oil.

>Profits by big oil are bad (even though the government makes more from the same oil in taxes)

A woodchuk named Ethanol>Creating renewable energy instead of fossil fuel energy is good, and it will create jobs ‘for the middle class.” (Like Shaheen’s woodchuck ethanol–I mean wood-chip ethanol.  It’ll save us all, hallelujah)

While I wouldn’t give money to “big oil” the Democrats just gave at least 17 billion in the farm bill to people who don’t actually do any farming, so I’m not sure they are in any position to complain.

HR 6049 passed the house but failed to get a super majority in the Senate.  (Yeah!) According to the ad’s sponsors this is bad. (booo!) It asks us to call Gregg and Sununu because they voted against it.  I’m going to write to them and say thank you. 

The ad fails to point out that to accomplish its stated goals the government will have to redistribute wealth by handing out significantly more money (18 Billion across the board) to the benefactors of Its choosing; much of it going to these new technologies (7 Billion) to make jobs the market obviously has no support for without government largess.  The result of our taxpayer funded investment is a product whose energy output still costs significantly more on both ends–we pay the funding, we pay the price supports, we pay more upon consumption, than the fossil fuel energy it can’t even begin to replace.

Not enough proof that government involvement is bad?

Democrat hypocrisy rises to the top here; this bill touts itself as revenue neutral because it will be funded by taxing the income and profits of others.  Since when was it the governments constitutional obligation  to decide what legal profits are good and what are bad?  This is just one more example of how we let the Federal government define our lives for us.  And they will do anything they can to convince us it is good.   “Helping the Middle class.”  “Taxing the rich.” “Tax benefits for children.”  This from a party that cares nothing about children until they start breathing air, and then they can’t get them into the indoctrination classes fast enough.  So now we want to let them define profit motive for us?  No, that wont affect the economy at all will it?

(How much do you want to bet they won’t be taxing all that money Al Gore and his buddies are making on the economy crushing Cap and Trade scam?  How about another 18 Billion?)

So with the classic left wing canards abundant in the bill and the radio ad—take money away from big oil; help create jobs for the middle class;  Tax credits for children and families;  Help states fight Green House Gas emissions; it’s clear the Democrats are simply advancing their own agenda at our expense—and growing government—by insisting they can do what free thinking Americans are incapable of, and making us feel guilty if we don’t tag along. 

The ad (and the bill) ignore the obvious fact that drilling domestic oil will relieve all of the price pressures this bill is being foisted on us for. (see here).  Abandoning food for fuel will definitely relieve demand and speculation on food commodities and drive food prices back down; as gas and oil prices drop–yes they will–manufacturing, materials, and transportation costs will lower in every part of the economy.  The increase in cash (to middle class families) that was being diverted to these expenses (because of government meddling in the energy sector) will now flow back into the economy for other things, which just happens to improve wages and allow business’ to create job growth without any new government handouts or federal tinkering.  Middle class saved—no government tyranny required.

Or we can let them tell us who can make a legal profit, how much our labors should be permitted to yield, and when we make “too much” how much they can take to spend as they please.   That’s what this bill does.  It’s just another mandate for government meddling in the free market—a habit which has gotten us where we are now, and will only complicate matters in the future.  It is America, you are free to want that, just remember that after a while you just won’t actually be Free anymore.

So you can ask your Senators to go ahead and hire thousands of people using our tax dollars for something that can’t provide what we need, or you could insist that they allow the oil companies to drill our own oil instead of making us send those profits and job overseas as the Democrats have insisted on for the past 30 years. 

Before you decide, just remember that our government exists to ensure a stable environment in which the people and  business can create the jobs the economy really needs, not to give us the jobs it wants to create with our tax dollars.  No matter what they are trying to sell you, the renewable energy and Job creation act is just another Democrat lie we are paying for.  You can’t make plastic with sunshine, but you can make solar cells better using plastic.  Munch on that conflict of interest.


Call or write Senators Gregg and Sununu and thank them for fighting against big inefficient government.  






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