Drilling won’t help or “Let them eat Grass!”


Let them eat grassDemocrats, including New Hampshire’s three caballeros, Hodes, Shea-Porter, and wanna-be Shaheen, are all part of that brain-dead Donkey herd in Washington when it comes to energy.  Their latest mantra is “drilling for more oil won’t lower prices.”  They amend this with the word “now,” as in drilling takes five years to add oil to the market, or they simply infer that it’s so bad for the environment anyway that we will just have to live in huts, huddled around peat fires—remember we can’t burn wood—starving to death until the utopia of bio-fuels, solar, and wind come to the rescue.

Mouth breathers!

Don’t Democrats realize…?


Oil is a part of everything!  Ever heard of plastic?  It’s made from oil.  Can you think of 5 things in your house or at work, used in commerce or industry, that don’t require either oil for energy, oil for lubrication, oil for transportation, or include something made out of plastic?  Good luck with that.   Democrats want to shut down America and it’s been on their agenda for years.

Now for some strange reason the non-western countries that produce the most oil, all happen to have gas prices below $1.00 per gallon.  Why?  Because they drill.  Because we are giving them profits that might otherwise remain here if we could find a way to drill our own oil.  Because they have structured their energy needs to keep prices lower—where we have structured ours to make it as expensive as possible.  Would we have oil under 1.00—nope!  But America would be putting supply and price pressure on the cost of a barrel of oil, which we will never do as long as Democrats and the Greenz continue to have their way with energy policy.  And we’d be doing it in a more environmentlaly conscious way than any of those nations.

It’s a good thing Democrats ignore their own history.

The “won’t matter for 5 years” argument would otherwise be particularly painful for democrats because 5 years ago the Republicans and an energy conscious (and God help us if I say “forward looking” Executive) wanted to start drilling the billions of barrels out of the .09% of ANWR from which this oil could safely be harvested, and they overwhelmingly shut the plan down.  Let me repeat.  Republicans wanted to drill for oil 5 years ago, and the Democrats said no.  And now we are being barraged by the “drilling now won’t matter for at least 5 years” argument to justify not drilling again. (Which is wrong by the way, for prices today and 5 years from now).

But it sure would have been interesting (as more than the intellectual argument to which we have been restricted) to see it that glut of increasing domestic resources would have had any impact on today’s prices, or today’s job picture, or today’s dollar, had the Republicans been permitted to drill then?  Of course we can’t answer that question, and if Democrats are left to dawdle about making policy based on ‘feelings’ we won’t know the answer on July 2, 2013 either.

In the meantime we are expected to anticipate the explosion of alternative energy ideas that these high energy prices will create?  Wait.  I can feel it coming…………………………………………………………………

So the only thing left to discuss is whether the failed message from 2003, recycled today (if that isn’t the most ironic thing I have ever written about the left) will carry the same empty barrels now that oil is $140.00 a barrel and gas is orbiting $4.00 a gallon, than it obviously did then, or if people will see the Donkey herd for what it is; a braying herd of jackasses.



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2 Responses to Drilling won’t help or “Let them eat Grass!”

  1. Josh Maxwell says:

    I’ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work.

  2. elcabra says:

    Thank you.

    If you have any particular topics of interest let me know. Some days it’s hard to see everything at once.

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