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Joe Biden Compares Supporters of Due Process on Campus to Charlottesville Nazis

Joe Biden compares supporters of due process to ‘Nazis’ who marched in Charlottesville. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s* recent announcement that her department will revise Title IX enforcement practices led one angry former vice president to compare her to white nationalists … Continue reading

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A CLASSIC example of the NH GOP stuck in the Marquis of Queensbury rules

Sad face. What a wishy-washy one it is, too: “disappointed” as if those wielding the paint were just “misguided yutes” for which we need to have empathy. Certainly, we can “win hearts and change minds” – like a schoolmarm shaking … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a Sunday

Twenty-one arrested as hundreds of Trump supporters and counter protesters clash at Berkeley rally. As one tweet stated, “The utterly predictable consequence of ‘punching Nazis’ as a strategy.” This is particularly true when the so-called “Nazi punchers” are themselves the … Continue reading

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How About Them Nazis?

Given how touchy the New Hampshire Democrat Party (NHDP) leadership is about comments relating to Jews and Nazis I wanted to wait a few days before addressing the words of Tennessee House Democrat Steve Cohen to see if they had … Continue reading

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