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What’s the difference between the Communist Manifesto and the Democrat Party Plarform? It’s hard to tell….

H/T Don Ewing – GraniteGrok.com

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Judge to Hear Arguments to Dismiss Voter Law Challenge

NASHUA, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire judge is going to hear arguments against an effort to stop a new voter law from taking effect. Lawyers representing the state say lawsuits from the New Hampshire Democratic Party and the League of Women … Continue reading

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A 2020 Democratic agenda is emerging

As I see it, the ante to be in the game as a serious contender for the Democratic nomination will include uniform positions on at least five issues. Specifically, any Democrat who wants to be taken seriously must support a … Continue reading

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What If It Was A Republican Governor Who Left for the Democrat Party?

The defection of a Republican Governor to the Democrats would be a complete repudiation of Trump and the GOP. There would be non-stop coverage at every level and local stories by local reporters in all the New Hampshire Media, for days, … Continue reading

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Maxine Waters just can´t shut up

Does Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) have a verbal diarrhea problem? Apparently, yes, considering that it was Democrats in her home state of California who had to yank the microphone on her when she ignored her allotted time, wrecked the local … Continue reading

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Democratic Party in chaos

The American political landscape is a mess, in large part because one of our two major political parties is not only in chaos, but has absolutely no sense of its identity.This party is in complete disarray, lacking leadership, vision and … Continue reading

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