New Hampshire to D.C.: Interview with Kelly Ayotte

Harvard Political Review: You clerked for Justice Sherman Horton in New Hampshire and eventually became Attorney General of the state. Was there a particular moment when your political identity began to take shape or was it a gradual process?

KA: I would say it was more of a gradual process, in the sense that I was not politically active growing up. In college, I was involved in student government but not politically active.

I went to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office. Especially when you are at a prosecutorial office, it is just not a political place. I was a murder prosecutor, and that is not a political job. I had never been involved in any political campaigns, and I was actually a registered independent, although I always tended to vote conservative. But I did not talk a lot about my political views before that because of my role as a prosecutor. | More…

| Harvard Political Review

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