Unite Behind What?

In Keeping with governor Sununu’s concern about party unity let me be perfectly clear.  We are united…in our pursuit of the  best possible candidates to protect and defend the constitution of the state and the nation, and the principles of the platform before the politics of the party.  Though I must confess, there are a few of us who are more concerned with who they know and how long they have known them.  So I find these remarks from a talented yet consummate insider amusing.

Sununu said he was “a little bit disappointed about some of the divisive comments that have been made by some of Jack’s supporters. That is not the way to bring the party together and it does Jack a disservice because it gives the impression that his support is coming from people who would rather divide than unite. “There are people who like to accuse other people of not being conservative enough,” Sununu said. “Well, hell, we elected the most conservative House and conservative state Senate the state has ever seen.” Sununu said if she is elected he will “do whatever I’m asked to do as long as it doesn’t impose too much of a time call on me again.” He said he would speak to the business community or “pull committees together.”

Not for nothing governor but the NH GOP helped, and we thank you, but this is all about talk talk talk, the process of properly airing and vetting concerns, from which no one is immune.  And last time I checked, no one–yourself included–has stepped up to call the “concerns” expressed about Jack divisive.

I find that to be a bit one-sided.  I suppose I’ll be called a misogynist next for not favoring the girl in the race?  I’d love that by the way.  It has been a few weeks since someone made that mistake.

As for “bringing the party together,” it is not a notion in a vacuum nor desirable if the product moves us in the wrong direction.  Unity, more often than not, is the product of a force of nature whose clarity about the goal or mission is so clear that people gather round to listen and then feel compelled to act.  Julianna Bergeron may be faithful and competent from the perspective of a party insider, but so is a good accountant.  That does not make them capable of leading and inspiring a movement.

So I reserve the right to be what you call divisive because that is how the politics of politics is sometimes played, and I do not change the rules simply because I am talking about the Republican Party.

If Juliana wins I will support her as much as she deserves, same as Jack.  Until then, I’m looking for something outside the box, because that was how we got where we are today, and I like the view from here.


Quote Source from John DiStaso-Tuesday 1-4-11 Union Leader

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