Morse Code

Fred Morse continues his campaign of class warfare against Senators Gregg and Sununu, this time in the July 5th Union Leader. He insists that they are elitists because they had “a disingenuous reason” for voting against “emergency food for the needy” and “food stamps allocations for the poor.”  That reason was, to quote Mr. Morse, “that somewhere in the bill there were benefits for a few rich farmers.”  He never mentions that “the bill” was the 290 Billion dollar pork-laden farm bill or that the “benefit” was 25 billion dollars.

 It might have hamstrung his objections to site specific details, like that the bulk of recipients don’t even earn their living as farmers, or that most of that 25 billion will go to corporate farmers who earn $200,000 per year or more.   He must believe we are incapable of funding these necessary programs for “the poor” without a 25 Billion dollar tip to an industry flush with cash.  This is the fiscal equivalent of hiding weapons in orphanages to protect them from attack. 

Mr. Morse’ hypocrisy can be further demonstrated;  Imagine if our Senators had voted for a 290 billion dollar funding bill that included 25 billion dollars in subsidies to the oil companies, but just happened to have a food stamp appropriation tied to it—would he be praising them for having the sense to “provide increased food stamp allocations to people who need it?”  He’d be burning them in effigy.  And they’d still be elitists.

So what other detials did Mr. Morse leave out?

The farmers this bill helps are earning an average of 89,000 dollars per year, which is 21,000 dollars more annually than the average American taxpayer earns.   Ninety-two percent of them earn most of that income from non-farm sources, but are still eligible for the aid Gregg and Sununu tried to stop.  And according to the USDA the remaining 8% are those commercial farmers I mentioned who earn upwards of $200,000 per year, and whose average net worth is over two million dollars each.   But hey, aren’t we giving out more food stamps too?

Mr. Morse’ precious Farm bill is handing out subsidies as direct cash payments to people who do not even make a living as farmers.  But it has emergency food aid in it.  It has funding for school lunch programs.  But it also gives 25 million to Internet service providers.  And what does that have to do with feeding the hungry?  Nothing.

Inserting the words “feed the poor or feed hungry children” can not justify every other expense attached to a piece of legislation.  The farm bill was not worth the price.  

If helping the needy has to come with a 25 billion dollar tip to a group that already makes more money than most Americans, my question has to be who was actually stupid enough to vote for it? The answer is Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter.  Mr. Morse letters are part of his not so secret code; he wants more Democrats like them.  I’m sending an S.O.S because I can’t afford the ones I have now.

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