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Liberals trashing Thanksgiving – the “let’s pick a fight” edition

A few assorted posts in surfing where Progressives are just out to ruin some families’ Thanksgiving – just because they can.  And I bet, will: You Should Get Drunk and Cause a Scene Today | Keep Reading at GraniteGrok

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President Trump’s Thanksgiving Message

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2017 Democrat Thanksgiving Talking Points

Would it be about defending the sex-crazed power-imbalanced Entertainment donor class?  Or would it concerning the indignity that Trump won and how to protect their over-regulation of our lives?  Or that we should all be thankful that abortion kills 500K … Continue reading

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NHLA Matching Shire Sharing Donations!

Shire Sharing is gearing up for another year of providing Thanksgiving dinners to NH families. Have you seen their amazing work? Last year they provided dinner and cold weather clothing items for over 500 homes.  That was nearly 2,000 Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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