Denying the cure

I stumbled upon a “heated” discussion about AGW at the Nashua Telegraph Website, based on this Letter.  My response is posted in the comments section of the article link, and elaborated below.  It’s premise is that no matter what we think the problem is the ‘cure’ is worse.

I don’t have to deny the science to deny the cure.  The ALGORE cure is not only expensive, we have proof that it doesn’t work.  So even if they are not wrong about AGW (and I think they are) the template of Kyoto and carbon credits has already failed.

From Investors Business Daily
Energy use per unit of GDP here in the U.S. fell 4.2 percent in 2006, and carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP fell by 4.5 percent, meaning that America is becoming more energy efficient. On the other hand, emissions in Kyoto countries, which are supposedly the standard of dedication to the environment, rose 2.6 percent from 1990 to 2005.

So while the US congress tries to force innovation by growing government and spending tax dollars, “to do it just like Europe,” the Free market has already made improvements on its own.  You see it’s not just about IF there is a problem, it is about how we solve it.  If conservation and renewable energy are really the desired end we should continue to allow these successful free market forces, and private investment and innovation to solve that problem, based on a consumer sentiment that seeks out technologies that actually get the job done, rather than top down mandates that ignore market forces.  

The top down, central control, taxaholic, euro-Kyoto mandate countries have been unable to make the problem better doing it their way.  Japan and Australia also have higher emissions on the Kyoto cure.  So the “cure” is not the cure at all; it has clearly made the problem worse.   All the Kyoto countries have increased the cost of energy, increased to cost of doing business, lowered the standard of living, failed to reduce unemployment, crippled their economies, and their reward is failing to reduce emissions.  Can we agree that this ‘cure’ won’t work?

If we can’t agree on the problem, we can at least agree that America has (so far) shown us the better “cure.”  Less government mandates, and more free-thinking innovation are the answer.  So we need to keep congress out of it before they ruin the progress we are already making on our own; and any legislator who can’t see this forest for the trees is probably serving an agenda other than that of climate change; those people are only serving their desire for bigger government and they are prepared to make all of us (literally) pay for it.

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