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Merrimack Journal toes the Cabernet Press-Liberal Line

The Merrimack Journal is entitled to its opinion, even if it doesn’t actually have one of its own.  In this weeks edition the editors (Of the Milford Cabinet) prove me right again by endorsing only democrats for Governor, Congress, and … Continue reading

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More Morse Code: Whatever it is blame it on Republicans.

The letter below was submitted to the Cabinet Press on 9/27/08 in repsonse to a letter from Fred Morse: “Letter writer says don’t blame him; he didn’t vote republican.”  Fred, using his trademark incomplete facts and gross abuse of suppostion, takes … Continue reading

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Excuse me, but your Bias is (still) showing.

Wouldn’t it seem odd if a town that tends to vote Republican had a local paper whose letters page overwhelmingly printed endorsements from and for democrat candidates?  Would it seem stranger if it printed letters from “citizens” questioning republican candidates and … Continue reading

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Carol-Shea gets some Flood insurance

This weeks Merrimack Journal again has a “Letter to the editor” from another relatively well connected democrat who is endorsing another democrat—Carol Shea-Porter—without any specific mention of his party particulars.  Peter Flood has a distinguished list of credits including service … Continue reading

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Trapped in a ‘Webb’ of deception

Merrimack, August 7th: In a letter by Fred Morse, posted at the Merrimack Journal on-line (I don’t know if it made the print edition) Mr. Morse quotes the BBC’s Justin Webb to justify his interpretation of some things McCain has said … Continue reading

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