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Live Casino Free or Die

Senator Lou ‘Millennial Gaming’ D’Allesandro rolled the dice again on “legalized casino gambling” in New Hampshire and got crap. Casino.org is spinning this as proof that we’re not living up to our state motto. More… | GraniteGrok  

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Not Afraid of Change

I am fooling around with the look of this page.  It’s not quite right yet but it is a bit cleaner and more efficient.  Do not be surprised if you drop by an it has changed again.

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Live Free or Die

Patrick Henry  (Follow link for the Audio version)       Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775. No man thinks more highly than I do of the patriotism, as well as abilities, of the very worthy gentlemen who have just addressed the House. But different … Continue reading

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Carol-Shea Porter’s performing ‘Seal’ act

I picked this up from Granite Grok. Apparently the folks over at NH Insider got keel hauledby the AG for using the official NH State Seal on their web site, which Clueless Carol just happens to have floating behind her … Continue reading

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Will Lynch Flynch? [Updated]

Massachusetts will very likely raise its tax on cigarettes by another dollar/pack.  Given that New Hampshire has a problem with its budget balancing act, will the NH Democrat majority see this as an opportunity to  pull the trigger on another … Continue reading

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The Police-State of Welfare

The human tendency for compassion, particularly for those with whom we have no immediate connection, is one of those divine human virtues.  Something of this idea was long ago hijacked and taken to the highest levels of our government where … Continue reading

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Creating Opportunity in NH?

This is a letter I wrote the Nashua Telegraph in response to an article in a Sunday edition back in late May.  As is generally the case–for The Telegraph at least–it was never published.   I wanted to start a section … Continue reading

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Live Free or Die still means something

We may argue the practical differences between Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals, but at the core only one issue should matter.  Democrats want us as far from the decision making process as possible.  They believe government is best positioned … Continue reading

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