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Education savings accounts are the next stage in New Hampshire’s tradition of providing public funding for educational opportunities

Concord, N.H.—The Granite Institute today released two new reports to help policymakers, community leaders, and education advocates understand K-12 education savings accounts or ESAs. The first report explores New Hampshire’s history of providing public funding for children to learn at … Continue reading

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Right-to-Work in New Hampshire: Good for Workers and Unions

Anti-worker rights activists like to refer to Right-to-Work laws as “Right-to-Work (For Less),” in their attempt to scare union members and lawmakers. But Right-to-Work actually brings more – not less – to states that pass these laws: more jobs, more … Continue reading

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The New Hampshire Advantage in One Chart

There is perhaps no greater goal for the Granite Institute than fighting to preserve and extend the New Hampshire Advantage. Historically this means no income or sales tax, but maintaining our advantage into the future will entail other important policy … Continue reading

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School Choice is a Needed Tool in Fight Against Demographic Winter

The Granite State is on the precipice of Demographic Winter which is a situation where there are too few young people to support the current level of population. Population decline will have negative impacts to the economy and, correspondingly, to … Continue reading

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