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US House votes to curb asset forfeiture

Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted to curb federal asset forfeitures, a program that enables law enforcement officers to seize private property, often in cases where the owner was never even charged with a crime, much less convicted. The House bill … Continue reading

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Mike Sylvia – HB 614: No Hardship for NH Law Enforcement

This Thursday, May 11, HB614 goes to the New Hampshire Senate floor. We received a bad recommendation from the judiciary committee with a vote of 4-1 to kill the bill. Let’s all push the message on social media, in the … Continue reading

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Mike Sylvia: Another step forward in asset forfeiture reform

People commonly believe that asset forfeiture to the state requires a criminal conviction. They are rightly shocked to learn that property may be taken without proof that a crime had been committed. Fortunately, and through the hard work of many, … Continue reading

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