Democrats Prepare to Defend The NH Health Insurance Monopoly

Democrat monopolyThe hearing for SB 150 is today at 9 AM.  SB 150 is similar to a House bill (HB 241– also here) that would allow anyone to contract with any insurer outside the state with the exception that the Senate version allows the State Commissioner some rule making, documentation and dispute resolution powers.

The commissioner cannot, however, define what must be insured.

Democrats hate this bill as well.  It allows small business owners and individuals to seek arrangements and coverage to meet their specific needs.   So a young male who feels that they should not be paying for hearing aids, abortion services, or any host of state mandates for things they have no current need for, those crammed down costs will never appear in their premiums.

Lower premiums, portability, less government control–democrats hate that. You know what else they hate? Actual choice?  You can choose to get a cheaper plan, or opt for any buffet of services 50 states worth of competing insurers can come up with whenever you decide you want a change.

So expect the wacky left to come out and defend the two largest providers in the state.  Harvard Pilgrim and Anthem have a near-monopoly status, together controlling 80% off all health care insurance inside New Hampshire.  They do not want competition.  And neither do the democrats.

The hypocrats in the progressive left and their deep pocketed insurance cronies are going to defend that monopoly because it is a direct result of legislation by former State Senator, former NH governor, and current US Senator Jeanne Shaheen; one that reduced competition in the state, reduced access, and increased cost.

And they simply do not trust you to make decisions about your own coverage, or who will provide it.  That is for them to decide, and they like the monopoly the way it is.

Go to the hearing.  Tell the State Senate to bring competition to New Hampshire.  And tell the democrats you are a grown up capable of making your own choices, and are more than willing to risk paying significantly less for them.

SB 150



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