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Shea-Porter and Hodes on Proper protection?

The Stimu-less bill the NH twain rubber-stamped on Wednesday included a provision that would require all those supposed shovel-ready projects to get their steel from American companies.  That’s right, no foreign steel. And you thought they cut the 400 million … Continue reading

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Judd Gregg-Filibuster slayer?

A good tyrant kills off any pretenders to his throne to protect and secure his power.  While that’s not exactly how it’s done these days, President Obama may be executing a strategy that accomplishes the same thing.   Roll Call … Continue reading

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I am the Lorax and I speak for the trees!

Rumor has it that the Obama administration is preparing to use its executive authority to have the EPA declare a naturally occurring gas a pollutant. That’s right, the stuff you exhale every minute of your life, the same gas that plants … Continue reading

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PSNH rates go up–anyone surprised?

Thanks to the government the cost of living and doing business in New Hampshire just went up again. It goes like this.  In 2007 the state mandated that by 2025 providers get 25% of the energy they provide from renewable sources (Wood, wind, … Continue reading

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Deval-u-ing your borders

Deval Patrick knows spending, and so he also knows taxes.  And when you think you might have taxed your own state about as much as you can–and no I don’t think he’s even come close to that yet–you start taxing … Continue reading

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Obama keeps a promise (maybe two)

Today President Obama reached out to the global community in a way that only he could. Effective, well now, he is bailing out people in foreign countries who want an O-bortion (including late term O-bortions) and want it paid for with American … Continue reading

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Merrimack Town Council says No! to spending cap.

The Merrimack Town council sent Mike Malzone’s motion to put a spending cap charter amendment on the ballot down in flames. With a vote of 6 to 1 against, with only Councilor Malzone in favor, the councilors made it known … Continue reading

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The Town of Merrimack seeks a Spending cap

Citizens in Merrimack have formally announced their intention to add a spending and tax cap amendment to the town charter this year.  The petition committee paperwork will be filed Monday January 5th at the Merrimack town hall by Matt Murphy, … Continue reading

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