How State run health care could kill Freedom


Whenever the state wants to trample all over your rights without appearing to do so,  it typically must find a States interest in whatever it is it wants to do.  This, in the simplest of terms, means that if the state as an advocate for the people, can demonstrate that they are acting in the people’s best interests (because the people somehow share a  stake in some common outcome) the State can presume to ‘manage’ that something for that purpose.   This is not to suggest that that is how the government has ever done anything in the past, only that technically, this piece of the puzzle makes it easier for them to assume control over things we might otherwise want them to stay out of if we spent more than a few minutes actually considering the consequences of letting them do just that.


So having said that, what happens if the state takes over the dispensing or management of health care insurance, or health care employees, or facilities themselves?   


Well, since there is probably not one circumstance or activity in the scope of human existence which cannot somehow, in some way, be tied to “Health Care” you are giving the government a license to take over anything it wants to.


Everything can (and would) eventually be drilled down to a cause and effect relationship where any impact on federal funding or assistance for health insurance or medical treatment with tax payer dollars, creates a State interest in acting upon those relationships.   This by extension and therefore default would make everything that happens everywhere an object of State interest.  When everything is an object of State interest freedom is reduced to whatever the state defines it as, in the interest of “protecting the people” of course. 


While this outcome may not be the stated objective of the democrats and those who favor partial or total socialization of health insurance or health care, once this door is opened, how can we reasonably expect the state to stop itself from regulating everything, and trampling our rights in the process.


The answer is that we can’t and shouldn’t expect it.   The government can’t give you freedom, it can only take it away.  And If you keep betting a little freedom to get something for nothing, you’ll eventually find yourself with nothing left to bet.

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