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Eating a low carb breakfast may make you a more tolerant person

A low-carb diet might do more than affect your health – it could make you a more tolerant person. People who ate fewer carbohydrates for breakfast made more forgiving decisions in a money-sharing game they played a few hours later. … Continue reading

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Palate Cleanser: When to Eat Your Biggest Meal if You’re Trying to Lose Weight

According to recent research published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, focusing the majority of your attention (and calories) on one meal in particular may actually help you lose weight — and that’s lunch. In an October 2016 study, … Continue reading

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Why French Fries Are More of a “Superfood” Than Kale

Just in time for lunch. ‘The term “superfoods” is at best meaningless and at worst harmful,’ Catherine Collins, chief dietician at St George’s Hospital in London, told The Guardian. ‘There are so many wrong ideas about superfoods that I don’t … Continue reading

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