Fascilitators & Organizers

by Steve MacDonald 

The Foster’s (It’s Australian for Beeyah!) Daily Democrat, gave GraniteGrok some ink this morning regarding James O’Keefe’s “appearance” at a Rye Republican GOP event yesterday…(That’s Rye NH, not the grass or the spirits, though perhaps the humor.)
O’Keefe’s video appearance Sunday was facilitated by the conservative political website Granite Grok, which provided live video coverage of the Rye gala online.
Foster’s (It’s Australian for Beeyah!) also said this…
Between O’Keefe’s comments, the Granite Grok organizers showed brief clips from some of the videos created by O’Keefe and Project Veritas, the group he founded approximately two years earlier to assist his work.
Facilitators and Organizers.  At least they spelled the name right. I could not, unfortunately, be there, but Skip and Mike had things well manged as always.
Here’ a link to the Grok Exclusive video of the O’Keefe appearance which, yes…without the help of GraniteGrok, would not have been possible.

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