Lynch wants more money–anyone surprised?

In a article from the Nashua Telegraph Gov. Lynch is requesting additional Home heating assistance from the Federal Government for the upcoming winter.  He’s begging for 50 million from the Feds instead of our usual 25 million dollar allotment of tax payer funded assistance.   I’m sure this will tie in nicely in the years to come as his executive decision to anchor New Hampshire to the Regional Green House Gas initiative, a local Cap and Trade scam, drives all of our energy prices ever higher.  Are we going to ask for federal assistance for that too?

Over at Jeanne Shaheen’s web site she’s running on a policy of energy independence.  We could burn wood-chip ethanol, or install giant windmills across the North-Country-I’m sure that would attract more tourists, while covering about 4% of our actual energy needs.  Or maybe John Lynch and New Hampshire could actually set an example for everyone else by weaning itself off the Federal dole.   Of course we would have to mange our budget so that instead of the State government burning money, we could afford our own in-state heating assistance so that the poor folks could burn whatever it is you Democrats are telling us will be replacing oil just about any day now.  Then we wouldn’t have to go beggin to the Federal government for help.

Live Free or Die, you know?

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