Clueless Carol and Mean Jeanne Shaheen acting oily

Oil WellThe meeting must have gone well because every Dem in NH that’s running for office is reading off the same set of index cards. 

Shea-Porter (D-?) is claiming that Oil companies are sitting on excess production to drive high prices and need to use all their leases on public land or else; Drill it or lose it! Turns out this is, as usual, not even an original idea from clueless Carol.  Word has it Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill) is sponsering the bill to (more or less) socialize the American oil industry if they don’t start using every single lease they hold for mineral rights (in this case oil) on public land.  House Dems are lining up to co-sponser, some of them–to quote Pilgrim over on RedState–who are ripe for the picking.

All aboard!!!

Add to this recent remarks from Senatorial candidate Jeanne Shaheen the Tax and Spend Machine™ that were reported today in this editorial from the Union Leader 

..if elected to the U.S. Senate she will “crack down on oil company price gouging.” Her campaign suggests that oil companies and refineries are restricting supply to raise profits.

All on the same page I see, and already contradicting what you said last week…

The past week or two have been filled with sound bites from Democrats insisting (That’s right INSISTING)  that drilling for more oil with have minimal (if any) impact on the price of gas. It’s a pipe dream, a waste of time, ignore the Republicans behind the curtain telling Drill now!   Along with that the Dems were babbling about helping the industry adapt, which I commented on here this past Monday.  Before that it was…what was it?  Does it really matter?

It was anything and everything except… let’s start using our domestic resources while we start planning for a greener energy future.  I could live with that.  Just do me a favor and start drilling first.

America needs to wake up and smell the Democrats.  They are basing “what is good for America” solely on what the Green lobby tells them is good for America.  The green lobby hasn’t been right about much of anything in 45 years.  While there are dozens of big-crisis ‘sky is falling’ cries for help from the green arm of the left, a short list of the most unsettling delusions should prove my point.

Global Cooling–Wrong!


Starvation from inadequate land for farming–Wrong! (Although their food to fuel plan is striving to make that a reality)

Hole in the Ozone– (we spent billions on that and it turned out they were…) Wrong

Global warning……..?

….Probably wrong about why, if it’s even a problem to begin with.  (Which I seriously doubt).

Whenever they leap past saving seal pup’s and snail-darters, or planting trees in the park, they are just simply wrong about everything.  And why would you want to believe anyone who makes scientific claims but refuses to debate them when new evidence suggests a new hypothesis?

In the meantime the D-rumor mill has cranked out it’s latest fantasy to justify their no new drilling policies and New Hampshire’s derelict Dems are right there in front of the cameras–like clones, never an original idea in the bunch, and all of them bad for America.

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