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Another Wheel Off The Bus

Usually the wheels come off the bus before it goes into the ditch. But here we go. Another wheel falls off the Obama bus. (Must be one of the Dr. Seuss buses, given all the wheels this thing is losing). Obamacare, the Patient Unaffordable and Un-accessible (all we really) Care (about is government power) Act will require another 800,000 Americans to give up their jobs. Put another way, it will cost 800,000 jobs. Continue reading

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Can You Smell The Campaign Fires?

After two years of extravagance on the taxpayer dime. Week after week of high priced parties with expensive food and high priced entertainment. Date nights that shut down cities. Frivolous trips (in his and her jetliners complete with entourage) to various parts of the globe. Vacation, after vacation, after vacation. And despite the glamor of a designer wardrobe, pimped by the adoring media for the past 24 months, we are now supposed to be impressed by this? Continue reading

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